Interview About My Teen Years

Last week I was invited to be interviewed at a Sydney wide youth event as a kind of supporting act to Sam Allberry, himself a same-sex attracted and celibate guy from the UK who works as a global speaker enabled by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. This event, and others like it during the week, were organised by a great organisation called Liberty which seeks to resource churches and individuals regarding issues of sexuality. Please check them out if this is something that is relevant to you.

This was never a position I thought I’d ever find myself in, as you can tell from my comments about my younger years. However I’m overjoyed that a couple of thousand young people could be exposed to the narrative that people like Sam demonstrate, and it was my privilege to add to the weight of evidence for this outworking of the gospel in the life of single, gay Christians.

Clearly my personal experience is a massive reason as to why I think so much about the complexities of transparency and I’m thankful for the opportunity to practice it in such a public, but also a fairly secure environment.

Heaps more to come soon as I reflect on my time in Sydney.

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