Interview – The Gospel Shaped Life for Celibate and Gay Christians

A few quick things I want to point out in this audio.

This conversation was conducted in front of a completely Christian audience and so I wasn’t really trying to apply apologetics or accommodate for different beliefs in the room.

The interviewer starts with some comments about same-sex marriage. Please note that this interview has virtually nothing to do with that bit of legislation nor my views on it.

Finally, I found it heartening to be interrupted by applause after spelling out my decision to live a single life, not because that applause was directed at me specifically, but because you just don’t hear the single, celibate life celebrated in an overt way very often at all. And this celebration from a couple thousand millennials! That gives me hope for people who, for one reason or another, will go through their adult life as a single person in the next generation of Christians.

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