Me and My Kid, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs 2017

Our History

Hi ! my name is Mario 47 years young, born in New Jersey and raised in Puerto Rico. Currently living in Austin, Texas. Austin has been my home since 2007. I have an amazing son named Raul and my wife Nandita (Newlywed)

How did I get to this point… well lets bounce thru time… Back in 1992 after graduation I was a studying to be a special needs teacher back in 1993. While studying I became a Creative Movement Teacher after many years in the Arts and Dance environment. You see, my beautiful Island of Puerto Rico is rich in culture and dance is a way of life… then I became a Montessori Teacher, that was fun but I felt that need to travel and get out of the Island and for some strange reason I decided to take a jump out into the world by joining the US Army. I was a Communications Specialist. Radar from the ancient series from M.A.S.H. (you tube it) I then settled down and got out of the Army the same year my baby was born. I felt that being a father required to be present. not just in title. so I worked in Communications for 22 years. but never was the voice. that has changed a bit and now I am the voice. I always felt it was important to finish my degree and dreams need to come true. so I am completing a degree in Strategic Communications to once again change to become a Social Media Manager. my sudden move to communications comes from my mother and father. As they say: “It runs in my blood”. I have a long family history of Teaching and Communications: My father a professor of Rutgers University My mother a Communications Manager with a Masters in Communications  from NYU.  Broadcasting and Education My father worked in the Communications back in Puerto Rico with various TV shows in the late 90’s 

So that has been my influence in the media, and I wanted to bridge a needed message of hope to parents of transgender kids in need of support using this method of transmission of Social Media. I hope to be of help now and in the future.

Be who you are no matter what they say.