Me and My Kid, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs 2017

My Story

Hi, my name is Rio and I welcome you to my Transparent Blog./ You might thinking I am trans. I am not what I am is the father of a trans child. I am no just a “father of a trans child, I am a Proud American Veteran that served this country so that all who calls themselves Americans can be free from tyranny and oppression an to afford the freedoms and the pursuit of happiness; religious, political, social and enjoy the American dream, however you, I or anyone sees fit for themselves and or there family. And as a father I see fit to love my child no matter what the God has given me. I am to love what God have provided. . I am it is 40-ish years young, born in New Jersey and raised in Puerto Rico. Currently living in a major city in Texas since 1997.

After enjoying the life of a Soldier (US Army) I was blessed with the news of my first child was on its way I decided to be present for my child and family. A Soldiers life with family carries so many burdens. I felt this was not something I wanted to do. So I fulfilled my duties in the Army and ended my term in service (ETS). I ended my military career to pursue a family life. That same year of 2002 my baby was born. I felt that being a father required to be present. In my book its not just a title. So I took my military education and joined the Defense IT industry for 20 years (2002-2022). My nesting period. Where I became a Dad, a Father and Husband.

In 2007 We moved to a major city. Life in LittleTown, Texas was well… little. moving to this major city gave me and my then wife a sense of belonging. Military towns are really transient towns. People come and go so rooting was not a real thing there. I am so glad I did move, because what was to come would help me become the best father a transgender kid could ever have.

As my child grew, my then wife and I noticed how our child behaved differently then those of its born gender. To help you understand

So that has been my influence in the media, and I wanted to bridge a needed message of hope to parents of transgender kids in need of support using this method of transmission of Social Media. I hope to be of help now and in the future.

Be who you are no matter what they say.